Elgin Allotmenteers meet and grow on a small, attractive, organic gardenshare in Elgin, Moray. The gardenshare is worked by several local families who tend their own plots and work together on the shared fruit and wild flower beds, mowing the grassy paths, and tending to the compost heaps and willow bower. If you’d like more information on anything we do please contact the membership secretary on Eaa08@outlook.com (Please note this is a new email address as of 2018.

The success of this site has illustrated the need for more allotments in Elgin and in Moray generally. Members have previously carried out community led action to try and establish an allotment site in Elgin and we are pleased to let you know about a site that has been earmarked for allotments in Elgin.

Elgin Allotment Association has been closely working with The Moray Council to identify possible sites for allotments. On May 10th 2016, Moray Councillors agreed to earmark a site adjacent to Pinefield playing fields as a potential allotment site. You can read their press release here.

There is still a long road to travel so allotment plots will not be available straight away, however this is a very positive step. If you would like to express interest in a plot, please fill in a membership form (link below) or if you are interested in supporting the development of the site, please get in touch with the secretary Eaa08@outlook.com

You can download a Word version of the membership application form here EAA Membership form or a pdf version here EAA membership form (pdf)
You can download a Word version of the allotment rules/constitution here EAA_Constitiution or a pdf version here EAA Constitution (pdf)
If you’re having any problems downloading a form, or would prefer a paper copy, please email the secretary and we’ll arrange to post one out.